invisible: controller

The missing smart home command center

Take your smart home to the next level with a beautiful, always-on command center that puts key tasks one tap away.


Works with Vera
Works with Vera
Invisible: Controller is designed to work with popular smart home controllers. Today, Vera controllers are fully supported, and support for additional controllers like Wink and HomeSeer is coming soon.
Made for Tablets
Made for Tablets
Easily control your smart home with a command center optimized for tablets. Mount a tablet on the wall or on a counter for a beautiful, always-ready interface to your home.
Smart Home, Made Easy
Smart Home, Made Easy
Make your smart home easy to control for everyone in the house. Simple, intuitive screens put essential smart home commands and information one tap away.
Customize for your home
Customize for Your Home
Customize the app to fit your smart home. Focus on the capabilities that are most important to your home configuration, from security to entertainment.
High-End Smart Home Experience for Everyone
High-end smart home experiences shouldn't be limited to custom new homes. Add a high-end command center to modern, DIY wireless smart homes built with ZWave, ZigBee, Wifi and Bluetooth.
Give an iPad new life
Have an old iPad laying around? Turn it into your home command center with Invisible: Controller. Simply install the app, connect it to your Vera smart home controller and get a large, modern touch-enabled command center that rivals expensive dealer-only systems. Works with iPad, iPad Mini and iPad Pro (iOS 8+).
More tablets, more control
Extend your command center by using multiple tablets throughout your house. With secure cloud sync, it's easy to add additional tablets and keep your command centers preferences and settings in-sync.
Security, Convenience, Energy
Whether you use your smart home for added security, convenience, energy savings or all of the above, you can customize Invisible: Controller to focus on the smart home features most important to you.
Quick Tour of Invisible: Controller
Take a look at some of the features Invisible: Controller brings to your smart home with it's tablet-focused command center UI.
Built for Your Smart Home
Invisible: Controller is a companion for your existing smart home system. It adds a polished, always-on command center to some of today's most popular DIY smart home controllers, like the Vera Edge and Vera Plus.
(Coming Soon)
(Coming Soon)
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